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Addicted 2 Darren Smith! (with a Knife)

January 15, 2010

On November 21, 2009, I had the pleasure of attending a very special performance by Addicted 2 the Knife, LA’s first and only REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA shadow cast…

Darren Smith (co-creator and composer of the famed stage show and movie) knew it was his birthday weekend.

Darren Smith knew his vixen of a wife booked a hotel room (with a mirror-paneled ceiling, no less) to celebrate his impending birthday.

Darren Smith knew he was in LA to witness Addicted 2 the Knife’s rousing performance of REPO and maybe have a matzo ball or two afterward. 

Darren Smith did not know everyone else knew it was his birthday.

THANKS BE TO NANCY and  ADDICTED 2 THE KNIFE for making this memorable experience possible!!!!!  Below are some pics of just a few of the peeps who came.

Zack Kasik (REPO sound engineer), CJ DeAngelus (permanent REPO fixture), Cedrick Courtois (REPO sound engineer), Chris Spilfogel (REPO associate music producer)

And the amazing LA cast!

Is that the OG DB???  Nope, it’s Bernie (LA shadow cast director and former Graverobber) doing a SPOT-ON impression of REPO director, Darren Lynn Bousman.  I seriously thought he was DB when he started talking to me…

Not only did Vivianna rock out EVERY SINGLE ONE of Amber’s costumes, but she did it all with the panache of a true professional…just don’t ask about her bank account.

The most handsomest Pavi ever…yes, I’m including Ogre.

The gorgeous Henchies netted me into the last scene with them…it was an honor…THANK YOU.

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  1. January 15, 2010 1:27 pm

    Darren is cool, but time for a new blog about YOU, missy 🙂

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