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November 6, 2009
SAC marquee
If anything in this world possesses sacred and mysterious significance, it would be women…ZOMBIE WOMEN!!!! And I was graced by the presence of many such ladies at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival!

I had the honor of being invited to the SAC Horror Film Fest…my first time ever as a guest!!! booklet

Thanks to the merciless energy and determination of Tim Meunier, the Sacramento Horror Film Festival has had 3 successful, horrifying years. This year, REPO was showcased and the Sacramento shadow cast, Amber’s Sweets gave us a preview of what to expect during their upcoming performance on December 12th. I was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing they were! Along with their impromptu performance of “We Started this Op’ra Shit”, (featuring co-creator Darren Smith reprising his role as BANDLEADER) opera shit2

Amber’s Sweets performed a rehearsed version of “Zydrate Anatomy.”zyd.anat.

In that number, the direction of Ashley Porciuncula (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) and choreography of Jessalyn SanGregorio created what could be, the best shadow cast to date!


Well then, check them out for yourself on Saturday, December 12! Also, this is a great clip of their rehearsal process!

Along with the shadow cast performance, there was a lovely rock n’ roll, burlesque show by Mizz Jeslen Michelle (she’s the one on the right). Some of the REPO Shadow cast pulled double duty as her chorus damsels. Jeslen was WORKIN’ it vocally and bodily and yes folks, the elaborate dungeon set was all hers. Well done and amazing workmanship!


Photo compliments of Staci Layne Wilson


Photo compliments of Staci Layne Wilson

Also for the pre-show, Miss BrieAnne Welch performed “Chormaggia’s Lament.”


Now, having sung this song over and over in my shower since 2005, much to the torment of many roommates, I know this is NOT an easy song to sing. Not only does it go up HIGH, but it goes down real low and I don’t know Italian, so it all comes out sounding like some horribly prolonged gibberish. BrieAnne, on the other hand, filled the room with her glorious voice WITHOUT the need of a microphone…the mark of a true pro. The command she had over her voice and delivery was beautifully impressive…and we were sitting in the very back of a 600-seat theatre! Shall I don a white mask whilst booming, “SING FOR ME! MY ANGEL!!!!”

All in all, I will never forget the wonderful, crazy, amazing people I met and the times I had with them in Sacramento! Below are some tidbits fer ya! My deepest thanks to EVERYONE that brought the entire horror fest together for another year and allowing it to get REPO’d!

audience from stageThe packed house for REPO! Eat your heart out Chris Jericho! Literally. Eat it out…with a barbed spoon.

grob shilo meHey Alisa! Whatcha doin’? Oh, nothin’. Just mugging the camera with two of my fave REPO characters.

henchiesHey Alisa, NOW whatcha doin’? I’m mugging with my favoritist REPO character, a HENCHGIRL!!!! Wow.  You are so predictable.  Morhighan to rule them all!!!! Wrong epic story, Alisa.  The mists of Morhighan! Forget what I said about being predictable…

largo familyAmber Sweet, Shilo, Blind Mag, Repo Man and of course, the Paviiii!

head rotisserieGovernor Schwarzenegger is going to PUMP, Sacramento up!

jess elyse meYAY!!!  It’s a Jess and Elyse sandwich!

timdarrenterrancealisaA grand time was had by all!

WAIT!!!  Where’s Andreja???andreja men's bathroomGorgeous as ever, that’s where!

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  1. November 9, 2009 4:23 pm

    Thanks again for gracing dull ol’ Sacramento with your lovely, and dare I say “bad ass” face! Will be keeping up with your blog posts from now on. Happy Holidays!

  2. Elyse permalink
    November 15, 2009 12:29 pm

    SHFF was awesome and so were you! Jess and I miss you and hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the cute shot of us in your blog! Love ya! ❤

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