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October 21, 2009

Just one more Mammoth trip before the snow sets in…This time we were joined by my very dear friends, Suthi and Sanjay. Novice campers though they were, Suthi’s unparalleled prep skillz and Sanjay’s undeniable bear-wrestling abilities put them far above many experienced campers I have had the honour of knowing.

It quickly became a game of:

TEAM A.M. team am

vs. TEAM S.S

team ss


* Alisa and Matt arrive earlier than scheduled, thus securing the 2 best camping spots in the ENTIRE campsite. WIN!

* Suthi and Sanjay arrive MUCH later in the afternoon. LOSS! (already in the negatives!)

* Suthi and Sanjay announce that they have procured some delicious, all-beef, HOT DOGS!!!!! WIN!

* Alisa and Matt check the positioning of the sun to correctly tell Suthi and Sanjay what time it is. WIN! (So that’s, Team A.M. 2 WINS and Team S.S. at an even 0)

* Alisa and Matt and Suthi and Sanjay all decide to go on a hike to Rainbow Falls. WIN! (Alright! 1 WIN for Team S.S.!)

rainbow falls

* While at the Lower Falls, Suthi helps Alisa out of an EMERGENCY SITUATION. WIN! (Team A.M. 2, Team S.S. 2. IT’S EVEN!!!!)

* Back at the campsite, Matt builds a fire and Alisa helps Matt to prepare a dinner for four. WIN! (Team A.M. 3)

* Meanwhile, Suthi and Sanjay relax by the campfire Team A.M. built. WIN! (Team A.M. 4, Team S.S. 3)


* Suthi has the audacity to ask Alisa if she’s using video when Alisa whips out the camera. LOSS! (Team S.S. 3-1=2)

* Sanjay’s keen olfactory nerves warn him of a potential bear attack. In less than the blink of an eye, he transforms into his superhero alter-ego, OsamabinSuperSanj and saves the night! WIN! (Team A.M. 4, Team S.S. 3.)


* An autumn night is enjoyed by all.

Team A.M. is dominating with a 1 point LEAD over Team S.S.

Will Day Two yield better results for Team S.S.,

DOUBTFUL! …or is it?


* Team A.M. builds a fire to create warmth and light for all. WIN! (Team A.M. 5, Team S.S. still at 3)

* Team S.S. wash the dirty dishes in the river’s frigid glacier water without submitting to frostbite. WIN! (Team A.M. 5, Team S.S. raising it up a notch to 4 WINS!)

* Both teams go hiking along the hidden golden trout creek. Team S.S. keep right up with Team A.M. without a single complaint. WIN! (Team A.M. 5, Team S.S. ties it with a 5th WIN!)

forest walk

* Suthi points out a beautiful example of how life can spring up from the smoldering embers of ruin. WIN! (Team A.M. 5, Team S.S. 6. TEAM S.S. HAS TAKEN THE LEAD!!!!)

tree in tree

* Suthi joins Alisa and Matt for a life replenishing swim in the icy glacier waters of the San Joaquin river. WIN! (Team A.M. 5, Team S.S. 7. WHAT?!?! Team S.S. breaks away with a 2 point LEAD!!!!)

* Matt carries the girls over the river so their feet can stay dry. WIN! (Team A.M. 6, Team S.S. 7. HA! We’re – I mean – Team A.M. continues to close the gap!)

* Sanjay uses his beard and a walking stick to MOVE a patch of the river so that he may cross without wetting his shoes. Due to the gravitational forces he stirred up, his hair temporarily turned white and other aqueous lives were carried over…Sanjay assured us however, that they would return to their rightful places and it would seem as if they had just had a bad dream. WIN! (Team A.M. 6, Team S.S. 8.)

parting the way

All returns to normal in a blink of an eye!


* Back at the homestead all are weary but there is dinner to make! Team A.M. (consisting mostly of Matt) prepare a hearty dinner for all! WIN! (Team A.M. 7, Team S.S. 8)


* After a rousing rendition of Kum Bah Ya everyone retires for a peaceful sleep and Alisa catches the last glowing embers of the fire to close the gap! WIN! (Team A.M. 8, Team S. S. 8. IT’S TIED!!!)


* The teams go for a brisk morning hike to Devil’s Postpile, making sure to adhere to any warning signs of dehydration.

pee chart

* Upon viewing the natural gloriousness that IS Devil’s Postpile, the teams decide this whole competition thing is silly and call it an even draw. Devil’s Postpile is one of the rarest examples of the power of TEAMWORK. Team Lava with Team Glacier created this ultimate masterpiece. (Top 2 photos courtesy of the National Park Service)



devils postpile

devils postpile2

With a cold front quickly approaching,


…Team A.M. and Team S.S. fly OUTTA there!!!! (best demonstrated by Alisa, which earns Team A.M. one more point! TEAM A.M. WINS!!!! HA HA!!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!!! … … … Okay, okay…j/k. It’s an even draw…well, as even as winning can be! 😉 )

alisa fly away

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  1. Mel permalink
    October 26, 2009 4:00 pm

    this brought me MUCH entertainment. i am, however, jealous of Team S.S. for getting to enjoy the beautiful view and Team A.M’s company!! 🙂

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