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Who Needs Gold When You Can Have Trout? GOLDEN TROUT!

September 3, 2009


(and so did Matt, of course…but I’ll identify in the pics who’s who…)

alisa golden troutMine.

golden troutMine.

golden trout2Well, wouldn’t you know, it’s another one of mine!

golden trouterMatt (finally, right?)

matt golden troutOkay, so he caught a bigger one…

Alright, in actuality he caught more fish than me, but in EVERY pool we fished, we each caught at least two golden trout!

Allow me to edumacate you on why golden trout are so coveted…

Golden Trout are a very rare species of fish because they can only be found in the higher altitudes of the Eastern Sierras.

Check it!

We would never have found where to go had it not been for a wonderful guide we met at The Trout Fly store in Mammoth Lakes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! If you’re going to go fly fishing in Mammoth Lakes, this is THE store to go to for everything you need…maps, flies, gear and trustworthy fly fishing peeps!

Where we found the golden trout is a SECRET but here are some pics that might clue you in. 😉

boundary line

burned forest

charred tree

charred tree2


rainbow fire

rainbow falls

bottom rainbow falls

lower falls

matt brown troutMatt caught this beautiful brown trout in the pool at the lower falls.

mule2I LOVE MULES!!!!!!

alisa riverIt helps to have a pair of waders instead of leggings!

ridge and mattWhere’s Matt?

rocksOne pool of MANY pools along the way…check out vid below…

Don’t worry, we got him where he needed to go…OUR BELLIES!!!

Just Kidding.

Catch and Release ONLY!!!!  Unless we were living in the wilderness battling bears for food…I call that, fair game.

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  1. September 3, 2009 4:31 pm

    looks just amazing!! makes me want to take a stab at camping…

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