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The (Former) New Yorker: Issue #1 Jan. 21, 2009

January 26, 2009

Flight Attendant:
“We are beginning our final descent into New York City!  Please lock your tray tables and return your seats to their upright position and please turn off all portable electronic devices, that means anything with an ON/OFF switch…”

With the utterance of these words I felt parts of my skin raise into a million salutations while a layer of excited heat washed the back of my neck and tickled my tailbone…New York City.  The first place I ever felt at Home.  It was my first time back after moving away a year ago and I could not wait to see everyone, to eat good food, to walk around in the cold and delightedly freeze my ass off!  My row-mate opened the window and I let out an embarrassingly girlish yelp when I saw SNOW!!!!  I nearly started bouncing in my seat but opted to do a little happy dance with my feet.  Below is a picture taken from the Jamaica, Queens Airtran/LIRR stop.


It might not be THAT much snow, but after living in the LA sun bubble for a year, I had almost forgotten winter existed anywhere else in the world…seeing ice that was not formed in my freezer was an exciting moment! 

I was cold…so happily cold!  I proudly walked along the train platform, enjoying the piercing stabs of cold scratch my cheeks and grapple the feeling out of my fingers.  It was a contest against the frigid breath of winter and I felt like I could win!  I had stupidly forgotten my winter hat and gloves in all my frenzied midnight packing, so there I stood…hat-less, glove-less and winter coat-less…but I refused to budge!  This was my first moment back home and I had to be true to it…I had to feel the air…breathe it in…pure, crystalline, raw.  Cold…oooh…sooo…cccooolllddd.

“Alright, f*** this.”

I laughed at myself as I scuttled to the heated waiting booth and stood directly under the vent.

It felt good to be back home.

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